Western Sky

February 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

During the winter, Kansas can become a little depressing. There are no leaves on the trees, the grass isn't green, and its cold... Bitterly cold. Just when I am ready to pack up and leave the heartland for good, God paints an awe inspiring sunset like I have never seen before. When I look out and see those vibrant colors appear in the Western sky, there is nothing that is more breathtaking. 


I was going through folders on my laptop and came across my "Nature" folder. I realized I hardly ever look through these photos. Usually, I just stick them in there and that's where they stay from then on out. What a shame! So, I have decided to share a few of my favorite with you!


Photo Above: Taken at a relatives in Cowley County

Photo Above: Taken while out deer hunting 2014

Photo Above: Tyler and I, Summer 2014

Photo Above: Another shot from hunting, 2014

Photo Above: Our "front yard" at our old house North of Winfield.

Photo Above: Our "Backyard" at our old house, looking at a storm front.

Photo Above: Taken near Dexter, 2014


Photo Above: Taken from an airplane! It's amazing how beautiful things look from a different perspective!

Photo Above: Taken on the Marker Ranch. We were taking a walk with our puppies and the cows were hungry! 

Photo Above: Another shot from the Marker Ranch. I love this little hill. :)

Photo Above: A shot from one of the many Blood Moons that we had during 2015! So beautiful but kind of eerie! 

Photo Above: We went to see "Big Brutus" and this was the view on the long drive home. 2014.

Photo Above: Another beautiful sunset <3

Photo Above: taken on one of our drives home. This is one of my favorites, I love the clouds and the warm colors! 

Photo Above: Watching the sky with Tyler! I will forever LOVE this photo.. It was my first attempt at capturing stars in the sky... Gotta hold super still during that long exposure!



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