Building our House! : Part One

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Tyler and I had been looking at buying land/houses for a little while and we both had always dreamed of living in the country but we weren't having any luck with finding anything that worked for us. I remember Tyler taking me out to this spot for the first time just shortly after we got married. There was no access from the road so we climbed over the fence and walked through thick pasture. As soon as we saw the view, we were in awe and we both knew that we could see ourselves spending forever here. There wasn't a man made structure in sight, just a breathtaking view down rolling hills and canyons that seemed to go on forever! 

We bought the land from Tyler's grandpa and for the past year we have been working on getting it ready to build our house. When we first started, there was no electricity, water, driveway, etc... just a pasture of thick grass that has been used to graze cattle for the past 100 years! It's been really fun to see how the land has changed throughout the past year as we have been working on it and each improvement means we are one step closer to walking in our front door! 

The first thing we did after buying the land was call the county to have them put an entrance in so we could access our land from the road. It's really hard to believe it was that long ago when we started everything! We are very anxious to get it groomed up with a little landscaping but that will be one of the last things we do since there will be heavy construction trucks plowing through soon.  


Once the entrance off the road when in place, Tyler took out the fence and made a temporary gate using barbed wire and a log. He grew up on a ranch so he's had plenty of practice working with this kind of thing! I just sit back, watch and lend a hand when he needs it :) 

After the temporary gate was put in, we were ready to have the gravel driveway put in! Mapping out where the driveway would go was a really important decision since it's not something that can easily be changed down the road. (See what I did there? Soo punny.) Anyways,  we spent a few weeks thinking and planning out where it would go! At this point we had found out that I was pregnant (yay!) and I had not been feeling great, so my dad helped Tyler quite a bit since I wasn't up to walking around in the hot summer sun through the thick grass. I just "supervised" from the truck. My only request was that it curved around a little tree that was in the pasture, so I could make a welcoming entrance to our front yard with pumpkins, hay bales, and scarecrows in the fall.  It was also nice to have a second opinion and since my dad is a landscaper, he has a good eye for things like that! 

And the gravel is in!! We ordered pretty large gravel (more like boulders) so the base was strong and would hold up better. Once construction is done, we will top it off with regular sized gravel so it isn't quite as bumpy!

The next part was a fun project! Setting up our entrance! Whenever Tyler's work replaces electric poles, they get rid of the old ones. This worked out great for our project! Brett helped Tyler haul them to our land since he had a long trailer and skid loader.
We didn't bring our mower out to the land because we don't have a dry place to keep it out there so Tyler cut the grass where the poles were to be set by hand! He made it look soo easy! I begged to try, and failed. Miserably failed. I am glad I am not a pioneer woman!

We measured out the distance of the entrance to make sure everything was centered and even with our driveway. I snuck in this selfie after asking a million times for him to look and smile. :)
Once the holes were dug, the boys had to get the remainder of the dirt out so they were deep enough. There was lots of shoveling to be done so they started early in the morning. I brought out cinnamon rolls and drinks for breakfast. 
The holes were HUGE! 
The boys are workin' hard getting the rest of the dirt out! 
Next we used the tractor and a little man-power to set the poles in place!!

Tapping the poles in place and adding the concrete!

Next it was time to set the BIG poles! This part made me a little nervous but the guys had it all under control! 

After all of the poles had been set and tamped into the ground, we all went down to Tyler's grandpa's house and had a big fish fry with fish caught fresh from ponds off the ranch. After a big work day in the heat, it was REALLY refreshing to sit in the air conditioned house with a glass of iced tea and delicious comfort food! 

Once all of the poles were in the ground, Tyler and I went back out to our land and he cut off the tops so they would all be even in height! He got a little messy and was THRILLED that I took a picture! See how big his smile is? ;)

After Tyler had told me his plan of  how they were going to set the pole across the entrance, I immediately dreaded it! I was worried that they would fall off or the something horrible would happen. Tyler suggested that I shouldn't watch because he didn't want me to worry. (I think he secretly didn't want me there because he figured I would constantly be nagging them about safety.... he was right) But, there was no way that I could stay at home. Besides, it was pretty exciting to watch even though I was tense the entire time and holding on tight to my chair even though I was on the ground.


The first step was the cut the poles to be the right height. This was done using a chainsaw. It was really important that the poles were perfectly level since they were going to be setting another pole across them. 

After the poles were level and the notches were cut, the last and most nerve wrecking step was ready to be done! Watch the You Tube clip to see the pole being set across! I would like to apologize in advance for the horrible videography. I was a little distracted and didn't use a tripod. :)


Fast forward several months and we have the ground scraped, electric and water in place, and the lagoon all set!  So now we are ready for the foundation to be poured! It's been pretty cold lately so we have had to wait, but it looks like that should be started this weekend! :)





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