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It's finally Christmas time and this year I have taken up the huge task of taking photos at our Christmas events and turning them into a few blog posts! Taking the pictures was a piece of cake but narrowing down and choosing which photos to use has been more of a challenge for me. (I didn't think posting a blog with 1,974 pictures was very practical) Anyways, we started out our Holiday adventures with Christmas at Tyler's Parents house. We had lunch and then went to exchange gifts. 

It is tradition to start out every Chirstmas event with reading scripture and having a small discussion about the real meaning for Christmas, and that is Christ! 

Joel was SOO excited about this present. ---He didn't know his picture was being taken. I warned him I would post this but I am not sure he believed me. ;)

Hannah got glasses and she looks SUPER CUTE in them. She was so excited about opening presents!

This is Kelsey and Nathan's first married Christmas together! They are pretty adorable. <3

Another great one of Joel ;)

We all continued to open presents.. Tyler's family has a tradition of opening gifts one at a time, starting with the youngest person.

Tyler might have been a "LITTLE" excited.... Or maybe the dramatic expression was due to his picture being taken. 

More fun opening gifts!

Tyler has started a tradition to tie a bow onto his head.... I do love him. ;)

 And finally... SUCCESS! 

Hannah got Mike some fun gifts!

Hannah was soo excited about her baby doll bathtub... She is going to practice so she can help me give baby Ellie baths when she is born. <3


I am not sure what this expression means.. but it's kinda cute, so I threw it in.

Kels and I got an awesome purple tool kit!! I figured I would need to hide them from Tyler, and I was right!! Just two days later I caught him using them! :) 

Mike always gets a gift from Maurices... Okay, not really, but he does get his presents wrapped in a gift box from there. He is a good sport. ;)

Another tradition we have made is to take pictures of the new outfits.. The boys are always so excited about their new Western shirts and they do look SNAZZY!

Tyler and Joel were secretly tickling Nathan... With three brothers, it is inevitable that one of them is going to be picked on.. This time it was Nathan.

And I am adding in another few just because they are so handsome! 

And Tyler always is sure to give me an expression like this when I ask him to pose and smile... He does it because he knows I can't help but giggle, even though it irks me!

Kelsey and Nathan in their new purrrty outfits! ;)





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