Thanksgiving 2015

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It's been a dreary day here in Kansas this year for Thanksgiving, but that hasn't stopped the fun times with this family! Last year we went to Tyler's grandparents in Northern Kansas so this is our first married Thanksgiving celebrating with my family! This year's feast was held at my parents' house. We decided to break the rules (like we do every year) and decorate for Christmas a little early! (which is only 28 days away... yikes!) 


My mom did a phenomenal job on setting the dinner table! Garland, candles, glittery snowflakes, pinecones, snowmen, and matching dinnerware.... it was definitely cozy and festive! 

The plate with the extra Ghiradelli caramel chocolates is mine... I MUST eat one for the baby, right?!

It is only fair.  ;)

Here is the kids' table decor! Super cute! :) Now if only we had a few flurries outside! 


I had my camera out and of course just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a few snapshots of my adorable cousins before dinner! 

Cousin T found an umbrella and posed for this picture all by himself... he even picked out the location! He is pretty photogenic and CUTE! 

This year's Thanksgiving gathering got so WILD and CRAZY that the guys were swinging from the chandelier....... Or maybe they were just changing out a lightbulb, whichever you want to believe.

Tyler is on "standby" for work over the holiday weekend, so he brought his big bucket truck home so he can respond quickly when he gets called out. The weather forecast doesn't look great for the next few days, so it is very likely that he will be out working in this yucky weather.  I am so thankful for Tyler's dedication to his job, but it is dangerous, so be thinking and praying for all of the linemen who will be away from their families over the weekend working on power lines!

We missed my sister and brother in law this year for Thanksgiving because they are vacationing in the mountains on their honeymoon!  They went dog sledding and sent me this picture. Now, I am trying to convince Tyler into training our doggies to take us on rides this winter... controlled rides, that is... I am sure if we tied a sled to them now, it would be one crazy adventure! ;)

Cousin C made homemade pies! She is basically the best cook ever. I have almost convinced her to come be our in-home chef whenever  we move into our new house! ;)

We said a little prayer, and passed the food around the table and that's when the camera went away! There was no time to spare for pictures with all of the yummy food in front of us!

And last but not least, this is how we all felt after dinner... stuffed and ready for a little relaxation! :)








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